Overwatch – NEW Goats 2.0 Meta! Mei Reaper META!

Overwatch has a new Mei and Reaper GOATS comp style meta. In this video I’ll breakdown and explain just why this new Mei and Reaper comp is so strong in Role Lock. Orisa, Dva, Reaper, Mei, Lucio and Moira could be the new GOATS 2.0 meta at the pro level. It’s a super strong comp that excels at all the things old GOATS comp was really strong at. Get onto the point, have HIGH sustain, and never, EVER leave!

Hanzo and Widow double sniper comps are also super strong on certain maps. Think Junkertown. This new Mei and Reaper comp won’t work on those maps. So we could be moving into a very specific map meta moving forward. Remember, it’s early days with Role Lock…