HELLBOUND – Level 24: City of Pandemonium [Brutal Doom: Black Edition v3.1e Final]

Walkthrough legendary megawad «Hellbound» with «Brutal Doom: Black Edition v3.1e Final» mod.
Skill level: Endless Nightmare.
Fatum game modes: Endurance, Stabilizer.
Playlist – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBuAy52pQYfkmfaZeRBCZoaPUZlw-y7OI

== Story ==
— Level 24: City of Pandemonium —
You wonder what kind of place you are going to enter through a sewer filled with blood. Seems like the demons also have a place to live somewhere, or the denizens of Hell are put into large blockhouses. The place is probably crawling with demons, so you better tread carefully. One one positive note, the blood seems not to be hazardous to health.